Til debt do us part. 

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Batwoman #35 “The Unknowns” may be the kick in the pants this series needs

Since its first issue back at the start of the New 52, Batwoman has been a problematic series. What has served as a fatal flaw of the book is how it tries to be a follow up to Greg Rucka’s excellent pre-New 52 Batwoman “Elegy” story arc on Detective Comics, and it sadly falls short of its own ambition. The book’s initial run suffered from the inexperienced writing of J. H. Williams III and H. Haden Blackman, but often the failings were made up in its art (whenever Williams and Blackman were on duty) When the two stormed out because DC Comics cancelled their long planned Batwoman marriage, writing duties were quickly shifted to Marc Andreyko. Andreyko has tried his best. However, much of his run has served as damage control to end Batwoman’s engagement while stepping on as few toes as possible.

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wow, i’ve never disagreed with a review more. 

Williams and Blackman were fantastic, and this issue is just a random space battle. 

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DC Comics being progressive with women? We are talking about the same DC that said Batwoman can't marry her female partner and tried to sexually depict Harley Quinn committing suicide, right? That DC?


1. why are you yelling at me in particular. if anyone u should be saying this to the original poster. are you just sending this message to literally everyone who is reblogging that post? if not then why are you sending this message to me then? how is giving me shit going to fix anything?

2. yeah DC isnt great but have you seen Marvel

3. bye

people are so reductive on this issue. DC does good things and bad things. (Just like Marvel.) It has progressive comics, editors and creators - and it has its misogynistic shit too. Just like Marvel. 

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+this drives me crazy  +esp when ppl don't even read the company they are calling sexist 

Acting Outlaws: Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff Riding Full Throttle for a Cause


BSGMuseum posted the link to this article on Twitter.

In the article there are also a couple of great pics of Katee Sackhoff by Dennys Ilic. 

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